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My Services


Logo Design, Visual Identity, Corporate Identity Design,
Brand Guidelines

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  So getting it right is key.   Every successful brand needs a striking and original mark which sets it apart from the competition. Branding projects normally fall into one of two types. 


For some clients they are looking for full brand identity development.  My aim during these projects is to create a simple design system that makes up the identity for your brand including a visual and verbal identity, that clearly communicates your brand proposition and its unique personality.


For others, they are looking to create or simply modernise their logo.  Logo refreshes show that you are evolving and changing to keep up with the modern world which is reassuring to existing customers and attractive to new ones. I will work with you to ensure your logo stands the test of time and help everyone discover who you are, whether that is clients, customers or members. 


Whatever the type of project and regardless of the size of the brand large or small, brand guidelines are a key tool to help ensure brand consistency, trust and credibility.  Effective brands are consistent and recognisable to its audience, making it easy and straight-forward for everyone associated with it to stay true to the brand and convey it in the same consistent way.

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Posters, Flyers, Banners, Billboards, Magazine & Newspaper Advertising, Brochures, Invitations, Wedding Stationery, Business Stationery, Promotional Material


In the digital age, print is still very much alive. There’s nothing more personal than something you can touch. Like all forms of creativity, I believe that design should provoke a reaction and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

I focus on crafting intelligent design solutions that bring businesses and consumers together. By using type and imagery, I create clear and engaging designs for your print marketing campaigns. My designs will enable you to communicate your key messages through an array of print materials, which consistently reinforce your brand identity.  



Digital & Online Media

Social Media Content, Infographics, Digital Advertising,

Email Marketing, Motion Graphics

The tone in which you communicate is of the utmost importance, and comes in more forms than ever before. Ensure your marketing material sets the right tone, and speaks to your potential or existing customers with a carefully crafted voice. Designs can range from content for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to infographics which help visualise data and information in a more aesthetic and stylish manner.

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Packaging Design

Product Labels, Packaging design

Packaging directly effects the choices consumers make every day. Great packaging will make your product pop and jump off the shelf.  Packaging is your brand’s very best chance to influence a customer to buy your product at the point of purchase. In a busy retail shopping environment, your brand will be competing with rivals for customer attention with only a few seconds to make an impression. 


I have developed a set of proven criteria to ensure that products are stop-able, shop-able, and find-able which means customers can find the brand in store from a distance, navigate the range easily and find the specific products they need. 


I can create packaging solutions which hit the sweet spot between luxury and affordability. I will work with you to tell your brand’s story in a compelling and original way. I’ve worked across various categories, for a diverse range of clients, including, food & beverage, travel accessories, baby products, candles and more. I offer everything from initial product label & packaging design concepts to 3-dimensional packaging mock-ups, to final print ready artwork.

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POS, Exhibition & Outdoor

Signage, Pop Up Banners, Countertop displays, In-store POS

Point of sale (POS) displays are everywhere in retail environments. Companies all over the world use displays to increase shelf ‘shout outs’ in supermarket aisles or on counters for a wide range of products such as food, toys, beauty and health care, accessories and more. Whether you need some branded point of sale, simple on-shelf leaflet dispensers or something larger, like signage for exhibitions, I can help produce these materials to help complement your brand. 


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Art Direction

Art Director

My role as an Art Director is to create the overall visual concept, artistic approach, look, style and design for a project. I also direct other creative departments who help bring the project to life. This can involve working with established photographers, models, marketing teams, copywriters, stylists, set designers and producers. It involves understanding the design elements of a project, inspiring other creative workers and keeping projects on budget and on time. Once the assets are created, I would then review all the elements and present to the client for final

sign off.

Throughout the project I like to have key deadlines for each stage to keep the project on time and on budget. Communication is key throughout the design process for both myself and the client. I welcome any feedback and questions you have.

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